An Englishman’s Home Is His Castle?

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Normally I’d write five hundred words or so on the human condition but pictures speak louder than words. The things that are missed when you’re homeless and a woman? Toiletries, the ability to smell nice and feminine and not half washed. Some days you’ll have an uninterrupted place to wash, like if you find a place in a shelter, but on other days it’s a case of finding a vacant and empty toilet washroom, and even if it’s empty when you enter, it doesn’t stay that way.

Hanging clothes in a wardrobe, pure luxury once you acquire a home (if you have), it’s nice not to have to choose between wearing a wax printed cotton dress (which crumples) or lycra dresses and leggings. Security, women on the street outside of London look like crap for a reason, it’s safer having matted hair and a dirty face around homeless guys who are frustrated in every way it is possible to be frustrated.

The joy of having a home to walk into on a freezing cold night or on a night when it’s pouring with rain (as it was just the other day) indescribable.

The stats on homelessness in London? There have been increases in rough sleeping above the national average with an increase of 16%. There has been a year upon year increase in people sleeping rough for the past six years. 

After Westminster, the highest incidences of rough sleeping were recorded in Brighton and Hove (144), Cornwall (99), Manchester (78), Luton (76), Bristol (74), Croydon (68), Redbridge (60), Bedford (59) and Birmingham (55).

Just 6,856 affordable homes were built in 2014-15, with Richmond building just five, says GLA months before the mayoral election. 

The total number of homes that have been taken out of council control under the government’s ‘right to buy’ policy (which means that if you are homeless local councils can’t ride to the rescue with government built housing?) well over a million homes, only 6-7,000 of which have been replaced, hence the housing crisis in London.

Enjoy the photographic gallery….It says it all.


Nine towers of deteriorating housing lines Wolvercote Road in Greenwich it has been proposed they be demolished but if they are where will these residents live? London has no affordable housing to replace this!



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